Laura Panno

Especially designed for the historic Cappella dell’Incoronata, Laura Panno's exhibition presents environmental works in which light plays a fundamental role in the definition of material qualities and intertwines the human connections that explores the act of gazing. Along the nave, the Inedito / Inedita installation presents a series of male and female faces, with closed or open eyes, which impose themselves on the viewer with a force that seems to tear them from the ineluctable flow of history to project them into a dimension timeless, eternal. The ancestral faces, out of time, through their cadency in the exhibition environment, tell of perennial migrations that have always crossed the Mediterranean and their multiplicity leads to an overall unity of vision.

Matter is at the center of Laura Panno's interests both when she entrusts photography with the task of being the spokesperson of her requests, and when she presents a found object, such as the golden painted wooden frame, suspended in correspondence with the apse, in the work Light from light; or as in the installation Eyes / Tears arranged in the hypostyle hall of the Chapel, in line with a research that originates from the object sculpture of the second eighties and looks to our past, revisiting traditional languages in a personal formal interpretation. Glassy, powerful, icy eyes that, in the measured arrangement, mark the space of the room with their transparency and illuminated fluidity: an intimate vision of gazes, of full forms and of open forms, hollow, ancestral, archetypal forms, at the origin of life.

Rosaria Raffaele Addamo